While on the road for a video shoot, Johnny takes a minute to discuss custom audiences via Facebook Video Ads in this week’s #VideoMarketingInsights.

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Video Transcript:
– Good morning, Johnny from Cosmic Sauce here. And I spent the evening last night driving up here to Bloomington, Illinois. And it’s really cold here, I mean it’s like eight degrees or something like that. But, driving up last night I was listening to a podcast, and in that it talked a lot about social media marketing and Facebook ads in particular. ‘Cause that’s really what we’re about here at Cosmic Sauce is pairing great, amazing content, video content, with social media marketing. And imagine the scenario, wouldn’t it be great if you could create a video ad and put that in front of at least a thousand people, and then segment out your audiences based on who actually watched at least three seconds of that ad. And those that actually made it through 95% of that ad. Well, you can do that. So when I go to the hotel, there’s a ton of great stuff in this podcast, so when I got to the hotel I started pulling our own Cosmic Sauce data. And I was like, wow, this is really, really cool. So if you’re not looking into video ads, you need to be. That’s just the bottom line. You just need to be doing it. And when you start playing around in there, you can start with just boosting posts and doing some really basic things. But it can get complex pretty fast, I found in my own experience. But we’re starting to really see some positive results in what we’re doing in creating brand awareness. And that’s where you see Professor Miles running around with our Cosmic Sauce stuff. It’s fun and people in Como are really enjoying it. But at the end of the day it’s, the phone’s ringing. You know, we’re getting the emails and we’re starting to get some meetings, and doing some things. And so, the strategy for us is working. And so that’s what we wanna do for you at Cosmic Sauce. We want to figure out what your business is all about, look at creating what content makes sense, and then pairing that with a social media strategy that will generate results for you. So, hope you have a great day here on this Wednesday. This frigid Wednesday and I’ll talk to you soon.