Effectiveness of Testimonials and Case Studies

There are many different strategies that can be effective in video marketing, but testimonials and customer stories allow your audience to get an in-depth look at what your company offers. Although you can always attest to your own products, it is beneficial to use the experiences of customers because they are not biased.


While testimonials are a good way for your audience to hear about positive experiences, case studies provide a very organic and in-depth look at a customer’s life. Rather than someone just giving a snippet of their feedback in a short video, customer stories allow your followers to see how your product enhances their life. You are following the client throughout their day and recording them, so these videos are a very personal experience for your audience who’s watching.


Not only do case studies allow your audience to watch something pure, but they also get to see how the product works because you are filming the client while doing everyday things. By using the words they say during the case study, you can create quotes and use them on your website, or social media, so people have an idea before they even receive the product. In addition to showing the customer how it works, you can also create quotes for positive reviews, which is another effective marketing strategy.


impact of reviews on conversion rate

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When it comes to customer reviews in testimonial videos, these are great mechanism if you are looking to save your audience time. They aren’t as long as case studies, so it’s a shorter, but effective mechanism. Research shows that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and 68% decide to buy the product after seeing between one and six reviews.




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If someone is on the fence about purchasing, testimonials are a great way to quickly persuade them. Not all people want to watch an in-depth video of your customer using the product in their everyday life, but a testimonial can immediately let people know the quality of what you are selling. One study found that 31% of people spend more with businesses who have good testimonials. Without case studies or testimonials, customers will be unlikely to purchase because they have nothing to verify how valid the product is.