Video Marketing Insights: Episode #4 – Filming on Location

This week, Johnny Eaker is on location in Chicago where he shows you how to get the best interview with minimal equipment, the gear he never leaves home without, and how important shooting in LOG is for your final video. Show Notes: Time Details 1:22 — Packing gear 4:10 — Where to film 5:18  — […]

Video Marketing Insights: Episode #3 – Film Locations

This week on Video Marketing Insights, co-founder Johnny Eaker talks about locations and how important they are in telling your story. Show Notes: Time Details 1:50 – Why location is key 2:54 – Where you should not shoot testimonials 3:25 – Recording outside of a studio 4:26 – Planning out a time schedule 6:00 – […]

Video Marketing Insights: Episode #2 – Where to Start

This week on Video Marketing Insights, Johnny Eaker talks about where to start with video marketing, what topics your videos should cover, and how objections are an important tool in your video strategy. Using real client case studies of Dogwood Solar, among others, we show how testimonials can be an amazing place to get results […]

Effectiveness of Testimonials and Case Studies

There are many different strategies that can be effective in video marketing, but testimonials and customer stories allow your audience to get an in-depth look at what your company offers. Although you can always attest to your own products, it is beneficial to use the experiences of customers because they are not biased. While testimonials […]

Marketing Strategies for Instagram

While Instagram allows its users to post videos, they can only be a maximum of 60 seconds long. It can be difficult to connect with your audience in such a short amount of time, but with the right strategies you can maximize your views, and in turn increase sales.   Up until recently, only larger […]

Video Marketing Insights: Episode #5 – Digital Marketing with Teah Hopper

This week I’m chatting with Teah Hopper, digital marketing strategist, about all things social media. Visit Teah’s page at Teah Hopper Consulting and learn more about video marketing. Show Notes – Time Details: 3:46 — Teah Hopper introduction 6:01 — Developing a social media strategy 7:42 — Posting regularly on social media 8:57 — Paying […]

Why Video is More Effective than Text

While many company websites feature a blurb of their mission and the products they are selling, using video is a great way to connect with customers. You can always include captions along with your video, but it gets boring when there is nothing to keep the customers engaged. Video can communicate things that words simply […]

What Marketers Can Learn from Cinema

I’ve often found that long car rides can yield very interesting conversations. So it was on a recent trip back from a shoot with my business partner, C.J. Johnson. As we did the normal post-game analysis on the shoot week, C.J. and I drifted into philosophical territory about content. We talked for a while about […]

Budweiser Just Shared the Blueprint on How to Win on Social Media

It’s kind of amazing watching a piece of content go viral. The journey always starts with a few key players sharing on social. Then, as more people become aware of it, the momentum keeps building until it’s everywhere. So it was with Budweiser’s tribute to Dwyane Wade. When I woke up the morning that Budweiser […]