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Missouri Beef Coucil

About The Project

Help Missouri Beef Council Reach A New Non-Agricultural Audience 

 The Missouri Beef Council’s mission is to drive the demand for beef in the state of Missouri. Looking into 2020, Missouri Beef Council wanted to reach millennial moms (ages 23-38) with messaging that resonated with this audience and encouraged these moms to include beef in their shopping decisions. 

Missouri Beef Coucil

The Work

We developed a video series which addressed key misconceptions a non-agriculture audience may have about beef. Rather than one long video that tried to address multiple topics each video had a purpose in its message.


Easy. Fast. Simple – Heather’s Story


Beef. The Nutritional Choice - Tiffanie's Story.


Three E’s of Sustainability – Wayne & Anita


Beef A Go To Food For Your Family – Luella’s Story

Missouri Beef Coucil

The Results

Facebook / Instagram

There are approximately 2 Million women on Instagram and Facebook who are 23-38. Through social media marketing we were able to get laser focused and only put our message in front of those in the age group who had children in the home. Which narrowed our audience to 80,000 Millennial Moms.

We were able to reach our audience at frequency of 2.0 and a CPM (cost to reach 1000 people) of $5.78 – comparing that to a direct mail CPM of $57 and a broadcast TV CPM of $28, this was a huge win for Missouri Beef Council.


Because Missouri Beef’s marketing strategy includes sharing a lot of recipe content, distributing our content on the Pinterest platform made perfect sense. 84% of the Pinterest platform is women ages 25-34 and we were able to narrow our focus to an audience of 300,000 women who met our Millennial Mom definition.

More importantly we reached over 205,000 Millennial Moms at a CPM (cost to reach 1000 people) of $5.21. Again, amazing results for Missouri Beef Council compared to traditional marketing methods.


About the Project

Help the member delegates and customers of MFA OIL visualize the new MFA OIL brand.

Toward the end of 2019, MFA OIL, one of the largest agricultural fuel suppliers in the Midwest, began a rebranding effort around the mantra of “We Live Where You Do”. The brand wanted customers and members to understand the true heart and mission of the company.

Cosmic Sauce worked with us to not only produce a great video, but also develop a strategic distribution plan for our content. They met with us and walked us through ways to make the most of our investment by creating a targeted campaign to reach our audience. Their expertise has been invaluable.

Ashley Bower

Senior Marketing Manager, MFA Oil


The Work

After going through a process that including conducting key phone interviews of key stakeholders and customers, we were able to craft a script and visuals that delivered this new mission in a clear way.



BOSS Diesel

BOSS Diesel is MFA Oil’s premium diesel brand which is scientifically designed and tested for all diesel engines, preventing internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) that rob engines of horsepower, torque and fuel economy. The target market of this brand is agriculture, construction and trucking – we developed a video series to help tell the story of this powerful product, highlighting real people who have seen real results with BOSS Diesel. 


Boss Diesel - A Trusted Choice.


The Choice For The Next Generation.


A Heavy Duty Performer.


The Result

The videos were first unveiled to 400 member-delegates at their annual meeting in December 2019 to an overwhelming response. Various versions of the content will be used throughout 2020 in multiple social media marketing campaigns.