If you’ve ever wondered how fast our world is changing, consider this: In 2007, 6 percent of the country had a smartphone. Ten years later, 81 percent of the population has a smartphone.

I find this figure fascinating because it shows in a clear and simple way that we’re smack dab in the middle of a digital revolution. Mobile is changing everything, from how we communicate with each other to the way we consume media.

In fact, according to comScore, some younger viewers are “abandoning traditional live television.” And this seismic shift has led some brands, like Adidas, to move toward ditching their TV advertising all together.

So, for brands, it becomes critically important to figure out how to reach today’s mobile-first consumer. Here are three things to consider:

Meet People Where They’re At

The best place to start is to look at where people are spending their time when they’re on their smartphone. And what’s the top app among U.S. smartphone users? You guessed it – Facebook. Yes, the Facebook app is more popular than YouTube, Google, Instagram and so on. And for brands, that’s a really big deal. Think about this way – by creating a dynamic presence on Facebook, you’re setting yourself up to reach a massive number of consumers.

Don’t Try to Sell … Provide Value

As a content creator, my default position is one of providing value. I try to think like a Hollywood screenwriter – what can I do from a narrative standpoint that will move someone to tears? How can I create an experience that transports someone to a different place? I try not to get caught up in overanalyzing an audience (as marketers tend to do); instead, I like to keep it simple and explore fundamental human truths. People don’t spend time on Facebook to look at advertising, so the trick is to create content that is compelling, not disruptive.

Video, Video, Video

As I’ve written about before, Facebook is working to become the world’s preeminent video platform. By tweaking its algorithm to show its users more videos, Facebook has gone all in on video and the result has been staggering – roughly 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook each day. So if you want to reach consumers on Facebook, you need to have a robust video marketing strategy.

The digital revolution is reshaping our world, and there’s no going back. So, for brands looking to thrive in this brave new world, it’s clear that delivering quality video content on consistent basis is the best way to drive results.