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Mosaic Life Care

About The Project


Mosaic Life Care, a health care organization located in St. Joseph, Missouri, was looking for a series of videos that would help them recruit clinical and non-clinical staff. The series would consist of a “main” recruiting video that could be used to recruit for any position at Mosaic, as well as a nurse-specific recruiting video and a community involvement video.

Mosaic shared with us that their ideal candidate was someone who had a servant’s heart, so the videos would have to show, in an emotionally resonant way, why Mosaic was the perfect fit for such an individual.

Ahead of the shoot, we spent time talking to people from different areas in the organization, trying to understand what made Mosaic a special place in their eyes. A common theme emerged: no matter what their job title was, people believed that they were making a difference. They also felt a strong connection to their co-workers and the patients they served.

To bring this sense of connection and passion for service to life in the videos, we interviewed several different people within the organization, each of whom had a unique story and unique insights. As a creative team, we connected with the culture at Mosaic, and identified different elements (cinematography, music, etc.) that would help viewers make that same emotional connection we experienced. Ultimately, we wanted the videos to leave people saying, “Wow, that looks like a great place to work.”

Mosaic Life Care

The Result: Increased Engagement

The main recruiting video performed well on social; on Facebook, the video generated the most engagement Mosaic had ever received for a single post.

During the pre-production process, we wanted to make sure that the story we told would be shareworthy on social media. These decisions informed our production plan, giving us a roadmap on how to capture moments that would generate empathy among social media users.

This is a key part of our approach to storytelling – always thinking about what will make a video shareworthy on social media.
Mosaic Life Care

Branded Content: The Crossing

Branded content is a powerful human interest story which weaves your brand into the message in an organic way. It looks like content that people would consume in their social media feeds and does not feel like marketing. For Mosaic Life Care we brought this approach to their marketing efforts developing a series of branded content pieces. The first video told the story of The Crossing, a local homeless shelter in their community.

This unique approach yielded big results for the hospital and those being highlighted. The hospital received extremely high engagement on social media – over 32,000 views and 720 likes/comments/shares.

More importantly The Crossing saw an immediate impact of:

  • Over $25,000 in cash donations
  • 30 new volunteers
  • 6 vendor/supplier donations for contracting, kitchen and cleaning work
  • Donation of a van to transport guests to employment opportunities

All within 4 weeks of the video airing on facebook. What is great is the connection the community is making to Mosaic as the community is seeing the hospital live out its mission of Life Care – no greater way to build trust.

This video is an award winning entry in the Telly Awards in the Branded Content category for Social Video. The Telly Awards is one of the highest honors for non-broadcast video.

Mosaic Life Care

Branded Content: St. Joseph School District

Health Care organizations believe in the communities they serve and Mosaic Life Care is no different. When the city of St. Joseph proposed a new tax levy that benefited the local school district, the same tax levy that failed a year prior, Mosaic Life Care chose to take a different approach through branded content.

We worked with Mosaic to help remind the community of why education is so important and why teachers need more resources to continue the great work they are doing.

The result? The levy passed with an overwhelming majority and this content played a role in making that happen. 

With over 60, 000 views and over 650 likes, comments, and shares Mosaic was able to play a key role in this important community effort.

This video is an award winning entry in the Telly Awards in the Branded Content category for Social Video. The Telly Awards is one of the highest honors for non-broadcast video.

Mosaic Life Care

Nurse Recruiting

One of the challenges Mosaic faces in regard to nurse recruiting is the sheer number of opportunities in the area. To help the organization stand out, we wanted to make a recruiting video that focused on the “why.”

We interviewed nurses in different stages of their careers who found working at Mosaic to be satisfying for both personal and professional reasons. The interviewees spoke from the heart, giving an authentic look at the culture and the opportunity. Our goal was simple: to create a video that would leave a candidate thinking “I want to work there.”

Mosaic Life Care

Service Line Video Marketing: Hospice

Marketing a service line such as Hospice can be a difficult task for any health care organization. Through our approach, we were able to uncover beautiful stories of how the Mosaic Hospice team is impacting the lives of families who are making difficult decisions.

Our story highlights the amazing men and women who do this very important work.

The result was an extremely engaging response on social media with over 5,000 views and 100 likes, comments, shares on the first day it was posted.

Mosaic Life Care

Building Trust: Community

As part of its overall recruiting video series, Mosaic wanted to show how the organization is involved in the St. Joseph community. They felt it was important for potential candidates to be able to walk away with a greater sense of the organization stands for.

To tell this story in an authentic way, we interviewed Mosaic employees who shared how Mosaic is involved with local non-profits, investing in downtown revitalization projects and so on. The pride they felt about their community was apparent, as well as the pride they felt working for an organization that believes in strengthening the community that they love.

Mosaic Life Care

Service Line Video Marketing: Bariatric Surgery

Finding the right tone when it comes to building practices can be challenging. There’s a wealth of information that providers and their teams rightly want to convey that, ultimately, may not connect with the target audience.

We believe in an approach that keeps the message simple and focused on the patient. For a video promoting Bariatric Surgery at Mosaic, we had three patients drive the story, instead of physicians talking about their experience and expertise. The patients shared their journey through the process, challenges they faced and how their lives had been changed. Our goal was to create a video that people could related to, inspiring them to learn more about Bariatric Surgery.


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