Cosmic Sauce | Video Marketing Insights - Trends in 2018
In this week's episode Johnny Eaker, co-founder of Cosmic Sauce, a video marketing agency located in Columbia, Missouri, breaks down winning video marketing trends in 2018.
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Video Marketing Insights – Episode #1 – 2018 Trends

Here it is, our very first facebook live show of 2018. We will be bringing weekly tips, tricks and all things video marketing to help you maximize your marketing for your business!

***Skip to the :55 mark of the video as we had a late start 🙂 ****


Hello, this is Johnny Eaker and I am going live for the very first time. This is our new Facebook Live show called Video Marketing Insights. It’s basically a continuation of a blog that we started a year ago, and the idea is to step up the game a little bit to provide as much insight and knowledge that I have when it comes to video marketing, and helping you maximize your business. As we know, video is totally changing the way that we consume content, and for me, I’ve been lucky enough to have a front-row seat for the last ten years. I have been a video director helping Fortune 50 companies, nonprofits, and small businesses reach their goals with video marketing. I’m excited to share the power of video marketing in this weekly show and welcome you to Video Marketing Insights.

So. I’m trying to mix it up a little bit and that’s really the goal of this show is. I want this to be whatever you guys want it to be. The goal is we’re going to break down things that we’ve done in the past, so I’m basically going to take you behind the scenes on a short film for a non-profit, and break that down for you: why we even paid to do it, what the purpose was, and how we were able to help. I want this to be as interactive as possible, so thank you Matt Boyd for that comment. I think it’s important for those who don’t know Cosmic Sauce to have a little background about where I came from. I spent a long time working for an in-house creative agency, State Farm. State Farm has one of the largest in-house agencies in the country, and we would create national social media content for their various channels that sit at over two million followers. My direct role was to help create content for that and then work with executive social media teams to grow those channels. That’s really where Cosmic Sauce started, and yes, a big brand has big budgets but the principles are very much the same, so that’s where I wanted to take that. I was doing some freelance work here in Central Missouri and said “Hey, why don’t we maximize video content?” This was about three years ago.

It’s no question that video needs to be in your marketing mix. I’d say five years ago, eight years ago, it was a huge competitive advantage. It’s not really a competitive advantage, you need to be in the game and there are things you need to be thinking about strategically to even stand out in the video space. We’ll certainly get into that. But, I spent ten years plus doing that and with the goal of creating a video marketing agency and that is not only creating content, it’s developing strategy. Then making amazing content and then handling distribution and promotion on social media, on the backend, to help clients get results. So that’s what Cosmic Sauce is.

I think I want to jump into the topic of today, the very first episode is just trends in 2018. If you follow me personally, I posted an article that Wipster put out there, and Wipster is a great video marketing blog. They’re an online video collaboration tool and if you need a lot of people to approve said video content, they do some great things with their platform to make that easier; and no, they’re not sponsoring me either. So, this is just trends that we’re seeing in 2018 and the things that not only the article mentions, but the things that we’re seeing as well and that you can take to make your own marketing a bit better. These are things that, again, even if you’re not the one that’s coordinating a video shoot or you don’t have video equipment, you’re going to jump in the world of video. The article talks about smarter spending in 2018, and really what that means is in the past you would have to do a traditional TV campaign and spend a ton of money even on a local level. You can spend a lot on local and regional TV just to figure out if it’s working. The beauty of social is you can take a great online commercial,  put that in front of your target audience, and within 48 hours or so you can tell if that’s getting traction or not. Or, you can utilize video content to cast this wide net, right? A wide net in front of a potential audience, and then use the power of retargeting and there’ll be a whole video marketing episode about that as far as how to do that. And I may jump in and kind of help you guys break that down.

So, smarter spending and branded content in general makes people’s ears perk up. Branded content is simply creating content that people want to consume that doesn’t feel like advertising. There are big brands like Coors, Adidas, and Modelo, and a great channel to follow is Great Big Story because they’ve basically niched down and specialized in branded content. It’s very much about storytelling and amazing human interest type pieces, and that’s a piece that we really see people can win here locally. We’re working with a couple clients here that are starting to explore this idea of branded content. You’re not putting out content that says me, me, me, me, me, look at us, look how great we are. It’s finding those intriguing stories that resonate with your audience and then it happens to be sponsored by your brand and it happens to come out on a regular basis. So that’s the idea behind branded content. If you look through our Facebook videos and track down This is CoMo, Jenny McGee’s story. That’s a really good example of what branded content can look like here on a local level.

So I think we all know that we scroll Facebook and Instagram there typically isn’t audio. I know Facebook’s been experimenting with audio automatically blaring at you. I think in general that’s a bad idea. I don’t think most people want to be blared at. But the same thing is happening now on browsers so that really makes you rethink what your strategy should be when you’re creating social content. I highly encourage anyone out there that’s creating content: caption everything you do. This is not revolutionary, but I see a lot of things online where if there’s no captions or no text, you’re missing a huge opportunity to capitalize on that.

The other thing is the importance of high quality visuals. There’s a time and a place for breaking out your phone at a trade show, and that user-generated content is what we call that, and don’t get away from that. You should still do that, you want to interact with your audiences. Facebook Live via that phone. Facebook Live is how you’re going to reach more people which is why we’re doing it, right? I mean this is why I’m getting out of my comfort zone in doing this because me, just posting three or four times week on Facebook, is not going to reach anybody anymore. You have to pay for it or you’ve got to be willing to change things up, so how do you recommend getting comfortable going live? That’s what we’re doing and then just the idea of those higher quality visuals. Those visuals need to move through the first 10 seconds of your video, really need to stand out. So either the text needs to come in and just hit them in the face as far as, what am I getting ready to watch? Why should I even care? That needs to be communicated in the first 10 seconds, or it needs to be visually stunning and it just sucks you in. So, those are things that, at least for us as an agency we’re looking to do anyway, but it’s even more important as you go into 2018 and beyond. If you’re going to play on social or even now on the web, with this Google Chrome update, you’ve got to be able to do that.

I will put this out there to the Facebook Universe: if you would like to be a guest let us knoow, and keep in mind our primary audience is marketing and business type of folks. But if your business or you have some knowledge that you think that audience could gain, I would love to have you on. We’ll experiment with different times, but the idea is Wednesday midweek and I would just love feedback. Please message us at Cosmic Sauce and message me personally about topics to discuss, or if you know someone that would be good to have on the show.

Thanks for tuning in!

Johnny Eaker About the author

Johnny Eaker is the co-founder of Cosmic Sauce, a video marketing agency in Columbia, Missouri. Johnny has leveraged his 15 year video production career working with large and small brands into helping clients reach their goals with video marketing. When not working on all things video marketing, Johnny loves spending time with his wife and three daughters preferably on a beach somewhere.

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