Missouri Military Academy Case Study

About the Campaign:

Missouri Military Academy holds a premiere fundraising event each year, the Maroon & Gold Gala, which had to be held online. Our team developed original creative for the event as well as a new brand video to be used for future marketing, advertising and recruiting.

The Work:

The campaign consisted of an 11 minute profile video specifically for the event. This long-form video was specific to the fundraising audience and featured key interviews from cadets of varying ages. From that a shorter, 90 second brand video was created for a wider range of recruiting and marketing/advertising uses. 

90 Second Brand Video

11 Minute Cinematic Profile Fundraising Video

The Result:

Overall the 2021 Maroon & Gold fundraising event raised 9% more funds than the previous year. Missouri Military Academy more than doubled their viewership/engagement of the online event compared to 2020. 

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