Missouri Beef Council Case Study

About the Campaign:

The Missouri Beef Council wanted to reach more millennial decision makers in Missouri through social media. 

The Work:

Working with Missouri Beef Council we helped them reach millennial mothers in the home who make the majority of household purchasing decisions.  We created a series of videos both long form and short form, creating a campaign on Facebook and Instagram to reach this audience. 

In addition to this campaign we repurposed this content into an educational video that is featured in the St. Louis Science Center which helps consumers understand where their food comes from. 

Beef For An Active Lifestyle

Sustainability - The 3 E's

A Healthy Choice

A Go To For My Family

St. Louis Science Center Educational Video

The Result:

There are approximately 2 Million women on Instagram and Facebook who are 23-38 in the state of Missouri. Through social media marketing we were able to get laser focused and only put our message in front of those in the age group who had children in the home. Which narrowed our audience to 80,000 Millennial Moms.

We were able to reach our audience at a CPM (cost to reach 1000 people) of $5.78 – comparing that to a direct mail CPM of $57 and a broadcast TV CPM of $28, this was a huge win for Missouri Beef Council.

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