URSA Case Study

About The Campaign:

URSA Farmers Cooperative is an agricultural cooperative that serves producers in northeast Missouri and central Illinois. Approaching the anniversary of their 100th year in business, URSA wanted to celebrate this milestone in a way that would also resonate with the next generation of farmer/producer.

The Work:

A long form brand video was developed that could be shown at in-person and virtual events. From there shorter, division specific videos were developed for a Facebook campaign to drive awareness about the URSA brand.

URSA Brand Video

Grain Division Ad

Seed Division Ad

Targeted landing pages were developed so that prospects could get more information about the Grain, Seed, and Crop Insurance offerings from URSA.

The Result:

URSA saw its social media engagement numbers dramatically increase as the original brand video post reached over 20,000 rural Americans in their market area at a cost per video ThruPlay of only $.04.

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