Who We Are

Our Mission

Cosmic Sauce is a Columbia, MO-based video and social media marketing company. We know businesses worry about whether their marketing dollars are getting the measurable results they want. We’ve created a StorySmart™ framework which guides businesses through a process to determine the right content to create, which channels to distribute, and how to measure real performance. So they have a custom strategy to ensure their marketing is working to grow their company and impact more lives.

Founder & Chief Strategist, Johnny Eaker, discusses what we stand for here at Cosmic Sauce.



We are passionate about story and the connection it can make. Our video and social media marketing company in Columbia believes every person has a story worth telling.

Impact Makers

We believe in making an impact for our clients and everyone around us.

Growth Minded

For our clients, our company, and ourselves.

Measurable & Accountable

We believe by measuring and holding ourselves accountable this is how we create the most powerful results for our clients and our team.

We Care

We value one another and are there for each other as supporters and encouragers. We are intentional and passionate about the impact we make in the lives of our families, friends, clients and community

We Communicate

We make it a priority to consistently have open and clear
communication. We welcome constructive discussions and
different perspectives because every person has value.

We Learn

We are individually driven to continually learn personally
and professionally to live the best life possible.

We Create

We have a passion to create amazing things and are always
looking for ways to innovate for our clients and ourselves. 

Our video and social media marketing company in Columbia has crafted corporate video for dozens of businesses just like yours—see what we can do for you today!