Soybean Research Information Network
Case Study

About the Campaign:

Soybean Research Information Network is an online tool for soybean producers to utilize to get more out of their production year after year. The goal of this project was to create a series of videos which highlighted real producers that support SRIN and the video content could be promoted in their respective states. In addition, a content plan was developed to capture additional video content for use on social media throughout the year.

The Work:

The campaign consisted of a 60 second promotional video featuring real soybean producers and their families from the three states highlighted. In addition, social media Q&A content was captured which allowed SRIN to publish this content over an entire quarter. 

Missouri - SRIN Promo

Illinois - SRIN Promo

Iowa - SRIN Promo

SRIN - Social Media Soundbites

SRIN - Social Media Soundbites

SRIN - Social Media Soundbites

The Result:

SRIN has reported the project to be a success as they unveiled the promotional material going into 2022. So successful that they will be highlighting more producers in more states in the coming year.

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