Why Video is More Effective than Text

Why Video is More Effective than Text

While many company websites feature a blurb of their mission and the products they are selling, using video is a great way to connect with customers. You can always include captions along with your video, but it gets boring when there is nothing to keep the customers engaged. Video can communicate things that words simply cannot, and you can evoke emotion from your viewers through visuals.


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When you are selling a product, writing a synopsis of its function and benefits will not be sufficient. A customer can read what you are saying, but if they cannot see the product or hear about other customers’ experiences, then they can’t trust what they are buying. According to Animoto’s reports, 64% of consumers purchased after watching branded social videos. While you might think photos and text are adequate marketing material, video allows the customer to learn about you and your product on a deeper level.


While text allows customers to know the facts of your business, they cannot come to know the people behind the brand. With a video that tells a story, viewers can build a connection while also getting to see the product in a new dimension. Hubspot’s research shows that 43% of users found branded video content to be more memorable than images (36%) and text (18%). Since people see and read an abundance of information every day, video can capture your followers’ attention because they are watching something that is aesthetic and creates excitement.


If you are effectively using video in your marketing process, viewers will be enticed by the visuals, and from there you can sell your merchandise. Customers can rely on your services once they build a connection and understand your mission. The good news is that video allows room for you to communicate this without boring people. Forbes says that companies using video marketing see 41% more organic traffic than those that don’t. More than just bringing in traffic, video helps convert those visitors into customers. Home pages with videos see 20% more conversions, and landing pages see 80% more.


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Although text is a good compliment to a video, video marketing itself can ultimately improve sales. If the viewer trusts the customer testimonials and faces creating the product, then they can also trust what you are selling.



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